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Project TotA, or Trials of the Aether, is a passion project created by Henry Reynolds. It is a fantasy-adventure story featuring swords and sorcery - a genre very close to Henry's heart - but there is more to it than that:

Trials of the Aether is an emotional story featuring themes like fitting in, changing ideals, depression, and discovering self-worth.

Henry hopes to one day have Trials of the Aether greenlit for an animated television show.

Not every aspect of the pitch deck for Project TotA will be made public, but Henry does want to share some of the work in order to gauge interest in the project from the general public.

The Pitch

A 60 page graphic novel depicting episode 1 of a potential TV show written and illustrated by Henry Reynolds.

(c) 2021 Henry Reynolds, All Rights Reserved

Two trailers featuring Henry's animation work are planned and will be posted here upon completion.

Please enjoy my work, and feel free to share this page with others so they can enjoy it, too.

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